Full Body Detox + Hair Tissue Analysis & Coaching

Full Body Detox + Hair Tissue Analysis & Coaching

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1. Detoxification is not about how much you poop! It's about clearing toxins from all of your elimination organs: Liver, lymph, lungs, kidneys, bladder, blood & colon. Without proper clearing of toxins, your body can't do a sufficient job of repair. It is the most important first strategy toward wellness.


2. A Hair Tissue Analysis has two essential functions: 1) Establish a mineral absorption and toxicity baseline.


3) Offers a personalized mineral program to "chelate" toxins from the body and re-establish mineral balance. The report also gives dietary recommendations specifically based you your personalized biochemistry. And a personalized mineral program offers a mineral plan for up to 6 months, which completely;t supports your personal nutritional needs. Bundle Includes:

(4) 30min coaching sessions. ~ Opening Channels Detox Program (30-day regimen) ~ (2) 60 min coaching sessions to support detox journey ~ Hair Tissue Analysis Lab fee ~ (1) 60 min HTA Coaching sessions.


Email support ~ getempowered@drstephanieyhp.com


NOTE: Please book your initial appointment wherever an appointment is available. You will be given further instructions on how to book your (4) four 30min coaching sessions via a private link. (NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE)


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