Full Body Detox & Coaching

Full Body Detox & Coaching

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Feeling sluggish, gassy, bloated, or constipated. Are you experiencing unexplained skin eruptions, headaches, bad breath, or foul-smelling stools? Did you recently have a diagnosis that you'd like to delay invasive treatment until you see if your body could begin its own healing process? Then, it's time to completely detox your elimination organs so you can jumpstart your innate healing ability.

Eliminating toxins is the first step toward giving the body a chance to heal itself. Detoxifying all elimination organs and adding an extra layer of toxic elimination of your emotions is the best way to achieve greater wellness. 

Good health is a right, not a privilege; begin your wellness journey today! This full-body detoxification program offers everything you need to jumpstart your health in the right direction! 

What to Expect: 
* Opening Channels Program (30 day supply) 
* Personalized Instruction 
* (2) 60 min Coaching Sessions

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