From Panic to Empowerment Study Pack

From Panic to Empowerment Study Pack

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The From Panic to Empowerment concept was created to help you connect your spirit, mind, and body to maximize your healing potential. You've heard this before, but up until now, it was just an idea. Now You can read the book and work through the concepts making sure you understand not just that it's possible but how to get the sacred work done. Get your study pack. Take a serious look at how wonderful life should be with new tools to help you Reflect, Reframe, and Renew!

Get your autographed copy of the two-time award-nominated book From Panic to Empowerment. The study pack includes an immediate download of the 47-page fillable ebook Workbook. The workbook corresponds to each chapter, ensuring you get the most from the book. 

Whether you read the book two times or five, you can always change your answers in your workbook to track your progress.


Group Participation:

THE STUDY PACK IS critical to your transition from Panic to Empowerment; and, USED DURING EACH BOOK CLUB EVENT/ Coaching Sessions

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