Books: From Panic to Empowerment
Books: From Panic to Empowerment

Books: From Panic to Empowerment

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Book #1 How to Stop Pain & Dis-ease
Book#2 How to Embrace an Angel
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Nuggets of Wisdom for Your Wellness Journey...



How to Stop Pain & Disease From Taking Over Your Life By Connecting Spirit, Mind & Body

First published in June 2016, this amazing little book has traveled worldwide to reach people who needed a voice. Nominated for the 2017 prestigious Henri Christain Literary and Reader's choice awards, it has spawned a movement. Because of the demand for the new insight, you have access to the second edition!

What a great way to begin a new phase of your life, focusing on what matters most -YOU! Learn how to Reflect, Reframe & Renew as you discover the root cause of illness and the pathway back to wellness.


How To Embrace an Angel When you Expected a Baby: Published in paperback in October 2020 shares the gritty truth about loss and how grief has a definite impact on emotional and spiritual health that ultimately leads to physical breakdown. Dr. Reid shares a heart-stopping, inspirational story of her fertility journey and the loss of her baby Melody. The insight into the meaning of loss and the profound healing that it can bring is a must-read.


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